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Friday, 12 April 2013

A Trip to Walsingham

I shall soon be making a personal pilgrimage to Walsingham with many petitions in mind for others. My own quest comes from a set of complicated issues and for gratitude to Our Lady for many things.

Pray that the weather changes. It is quite miserable here in England, cold and wet. (Not like this photo). I shall be staying in a house which was built partly out of the ruins of the original priory. The entire town is an odd mixture of piety and defamation.

Walsingham is a strange place. The Anglican shrine is five or six times the size of the Roman Catholic one. The town is painfully small and last time I was there, the post office had shut down and there was no ATM available.

If one does not come with cash, and one does not have a car, it is almost impossible to get around, as the bus system, which is excellent, demands the correct fees, of course. One does not go to Walsingham for comfort.

The fact that the Anglican presence is so huge and the Catholic presence muted creates an odd feeling of visiting a dysfunctional family gathering,where differences are painfully seen but not discussed.

However, Our Lady did not intend such separations and hopefully her quiet love and intercession will bring all our brothers and sisters in Christ home again.

More later....