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Sunday, 14 April 2013

-Heresy in the Home of Mary-the good and the bad in Walsingham-the Snake rears his head again

This is the third time in two years I have been to Walsingham and there are some new developments. Some good, some bad...

The good first-the Norton Cafe Bar in the Anglican Shrine has wifi now, so I do not have to go to the Black Lion and listen to horrible music or racing in the background.

The menu is decent as well-very Norfolk.

The bad news presents itself in a more sinister form and I must write about this.

Firstly, as those of you who have read my blog over the past several years know, I have been highlighting false seers and dangerous gnostic tendencies among some Catholics. One of the most pernicious false seers, and you can look at the list of the errors in this person writings online, is Maria Divine Mercy, who has now published a book, The Book of Truth, (the book of deceit folks) which is being passed around some Catholic prayer groups in Walsingham. When I was here last time, I tried to warn people about the false doctrine, in fact, out and out heresy, found in the writings of this person.

One does not, ironically even have to open the book to see the errors, as four are listed on the back cover of the book. I am only going to repeat a few of these errors now, but if you go to Walsingham, please be careful of those who are passing out the book as well as the notes from the website. I have tags on the bottom of this post regarding this site.

Secondly, I am going to start this re-examination by noting that some of  those who are involved in reading and pushing these false teachings work at the Shrine.  I have warned them.

Here, thirdly, are a few notes showing the evil of these false teachings. These are in the book and the pages are marked here.

"When people reject the message you publish, they are rejecting My Most Holy Word", page 278. Jesus is supposedly saying this. Problem. Private revelations, even if true, are not binding on any Catholic. A private revelation is not binding for the faithful. We are not required to believe in Lourdes, or Fatima, or any other private revelation.  Therefore, Christ would not require us to contradict a teaching of His Own Church by placing belief in this private revelation on a part with the Canon of Sacred Scripture.

On page 178, the seer states, as if Christ is saying this, "I am instructing you, once again, not to engage with those people, believers of mine, who challenge, analyze or pick holes in My Holy Word. For neither you nor those souls has (sic) the authority to do so." St. John the Evangelist, real revelation, writes in John 4:1 that we must "Test the spirits to see whether they come from God, because many false prophets are now in the world."

In the introduction, on page 8, this is written of the so-called seer. "She has been told she is the 7th Messenger, the 7th angel, who will announce to the world the contents of the Seals in the Book of Revelation as they are opened by the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ."

Oh my goodness. There is NO other revelation after the end of the last book of the Bible.  In Revelation 22:18, John writes this: " As for me, I warn everyone who hears the prophetic words of this book: if anyone add anything to them, God will pile on him the plagues described in this book."

The four glaring errors which are on the back cover are ones I have already highlighted on this blog:

Millenialism-the heresy which stated the Second Coming will bring a new paradise on earth. Wrong. The Second Coming in the teaching of the Catholic Church is the end of the world.

Again, false prophecy of the millennial time--the writer states that Satan will be banished for 1,000 years. Nope. At the Second Coming, the goats and sheep will be separated in the Final Judgement and the demons will be sent to hell.

False-"The Catholic Church will collapse and will be taken over by The False Prophet who will also take over all Christian churches." Sorry, but this is an obvious satanic ploy to undermine the Church, which will last until the end of time, although, perhaps, small and weak.

Last falsity, again a repetition here on this blog, is that God the Father is passing out The Seal of the Living God. Nope-we get sealed in Baptism and Confirmation; this is an undermining of the sacraments and there is no such protective seal added. Again, this is a protestant idea, not a Catholic one.

Danger, danger, danger. What can I say? Be careful if you start getting things in Walsingham, the Home of Mary, which are from the one who hates her, her Son, and His Church.

Pray for the Catholic shrine at Walsingham. Satan does not care how you go to hell, just that you go...