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Sunday, 14 April 2013

Perfection in Hosea

I found,  by accident, this small pericope from Hosea, which I have read and heard many times before, which indicates that he understands the road to perfection in the soul. How nice that Revelation and Tradition form the wonderful teaching of the Catholic Church.

Here is the little gem: 16 On that day, says the Lord, you will call me, “My husband,” and no longer will you call me, “My Baal.”

Now, the word Baal, of course, refers to the false god of the Canaanites. However, it also means "master", and in some translations, (the one above is the Catholic Revised Standard), master is used.

Remember earlier this past week, I referred to Bernard of Clairvaux's easy explanation of the movement from childhood in God, to discipleship, to bride? Here we see Hosea understanding that the most intimate and unifying relationship between Israel and God, between the individual soul and Christ, is that of the Bride and Bridegroom relationship.

How wonderful.  And, there is lots more coming on St. Alphonsus in the Doctors of the Church and perfection series. Stayed turned....