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Saturday, 17 August 2013

The Church Is Imploding from Within for Two Reasons

Over the past several days, it has been brought to my attention in conversations with under 50s, that is, Gen-Xers and Millennials, that there is a huge misunderstanding about being a Catholic and living as a Catholic.

Let me list a few things which being a Catholic is NOT:

one, believing that private revelations are the main source of spiritual information;

two, following devotions as the main journey in holiness; this would include putting more emphasis on sacramentals than on sacraments or teaching;

three, believing that the emotional is more important than the rational;

four, believing that one must live in the consolations of God in order to get to heaven;

five, thinking that one's gifts are essential to the Church.

Let me list the things which do define a person as Catholic:

one, knowing and studying the long list of teachings of the Catholic Church, including the elements of the Creed;

two, then, accepting these truths through reason, as far as possible, and by faith;

three, receiving the sacrament of Confession and Holy Communion as frequently as possible; using the sacramentals as secondary, not primary means to God;

four, realizing and knowing that emotions are treacherous and false, not to be trusted unless totally purified by God, and that the emotions serve the passions and not the virtues, which are served by Faith and Reason;

five, being humble and knowing that God cannot use one's gifts until one is purified of egoism and pride.

May I say all this is a different manner-- that the weaknesses among the laity are anti-intellectualism and a lack of faith. Faith is believing without seeing. How many Catholics actually live by and in Faith?

On top of this, one must think like a Catholic and not like a secular, or a pagan, or a protestant.

One must learn, discuss, share, not trivia, or nonsense, but the Faith and with Reason.

to be continued...