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Thursday, 26 September 2013

On Beauty Two

When I was in my twenties and thirties, the popular Bible studies for women were based on the characteristics of certain women in the Bible. Most of these were Protestant based. Such holy women as Ruth, Esther, Judith and others were highlighted with a particular virtue. I do not know if these are still floating around out there, and I have written my own thoughts on some women on this post, which you can find. I have emphasized Judith, Ruth and Deborah.

Of course, we have the most perfect woman of all as our model, Mary, Mother of God.

However, besides her great faith, hope and love, what virtues can we see in order to emulate her daily?

Let us look at a few. Mary's obedience is the hallmark of the Annunciation, as well as her meekness and trust in Providence. We do not see a panicking youth, but a calm and cooperating spirit open to God's Will.

We also see prudence, as Mary did not run out and tell people of her special position. A mark of a real saint is humility, another virtue.

The silent years of Christ in the home of Joseph and Mary remind us that Mary had to have and did, of course, all the virtues a woman needs in running a peaceful house. I like to think of Mary having the fullness of the Spirit and therefore the fullness of the virtues of temperance, justice, prudence and fortitude. We know in our own lives how much we, as women, need these virtues.

Remember, we are entering into perilous times, when the woman with virtue will be needed more than ever. A great trust in Providence will be a necessity.

Ask Mary for a removal of the blocks we put up in our lives through sin which stop the flow of the virtues given at baptism and the gifts of confirmation. Ask to become an interiorly beautiful woman.

It is our duty as women to learn humility and beg God for the full loosening of the virtues in our lives.

The times demand this.