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Friday, 27 September 2013

The Predominant Fault of Some Women Two

The second most common predominant fault of women could be pride. This is the primordial sin and one easy to fall into. But, if this is the main, underlining fault of all faults, it must be rooted out through serious attention, prayer, fasting. Pride can be inherited in a family where family pride continues to separate people from God.

Pride stops all growth in holiness. For a woman, this is deadly, as in order for her to be holy, the virtues must flourish into the small daily loveliness we see in the saints, such as St. Therese of Lisieux and St. Gemma Galgani.

Here is Aquinas on pride: thanks to New Advent's Summa.

Question 162. Pride

Pride is directly opposed to the virtue of humility, which, in a way, is concerned about the same matter as magnanimity, as stated above (161, 1, ad 3). Hence the vice opposed to pride by default is akin to the vice of pusillanimity, which is opposed by default to magnanimity. For just as it belongs to magnanimity to urge the mind to great things against despair, so it belongs to humility to withdraw the mind from the inordinate desire of great things against presumption. Now pusillanimity, if we take it for a deficiency in pursuing great things, is properly opposed to magnanimity by default; but if we take it for the mind's attachment to things beneath what is becoming to a man, it is opposed to humility by default; since each proceeds from a smallness of mind.

On the same way, on the other hand, pride may be opposed by excess, both to magnanimity and humility, from different points of view: to humility, inasmuch as it scorns subjection, to magnanimity, inasmuch as it tends to great things inordinately. Since, however, pride implies a certain elation, it is more directly opposed to humility, even as pusillanimity, which denotes littleness of soul in tending towards great things, is more directly opposed to magnanimity.

A sin may destroy a virtue in two ways. On one way by direct contrariety to a virtue, and thus pride does not corrupt every virtue, but only humility; even as every special sin destroys the special virtue opposed to it, by acting counter thereto. On another way a sin destroys a virtue, by making ill use of that virtue: and thus pride destroys every virtue, in so far as it finds an occasion of pride in every virtue, just as in everything else pertaining to excellence. Hence it does not follow that it is a general sin.

...Pride regards a special aspect in its object, which aspect may be found in various matters: for it is inordinate love of one's excellence, and excellence may be found in various things.

Those women who are proud honestly believe they are better than other people. They are the proverbial "snobs".  They also live a life of complete narcissism, thinking that the entire world revolves around them. This predominant fault is the First Sin of our First Parents. One can fall into pride concerning status, money, power, beauty and so on.  Pride wants to be served instead of wanting to serve.

In a marriage, pride in a woman belittles a man and dominates him and the children. Pride also manipulates, lies, and causes dissension. Women, battle this if this is your predominant fault. Life is more than all about you.