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Thursday, 28 November 2013

How To Create a Peter Pan

Many women with whom I speak have discussed with me the number of men who are not acting like men, but like boys. Many reasons have created this huge group of Peter Pans. Sadly, I know that many women are not able to follow the call of marriage and raising children because of the lack of the Protector Males.

I have many posts on Peter Pans, Protectors and Predators-just follow the tags.

However, I have been thinking about why there are so many Peter Pans.

I can share, after some observation and thought, how to create a Peter Pan.

1) Never allow your sons to learn how to do any work around the house. Do not let them learn how to cook, or use tools, or do garden work.

2) Never allow your male children to endure suffering. Coddle them, feel sorry for them, and give in to their weaknesses.

3) Never make your sons work without pay.

4) Be rude and mean to women, including your wife, if you are the husband. This creates Peter Pans.

5) If you are the mom, treat your sons like your husband instead of like sons. They will never grow up respecting women, which is a sign of a Peter Pan. They will want to marry moms instead of helpmates.

6) Never allow your sons to fail and then to get up and try again.

7) Never allow your sons to do hard things on their own,. Micro-management creates Peter Pans.

8) Let them watch lots of tv and do lots of gaming. Let your sons think that entertainment is more important than work. Peter Pans do not learn to work.

9) Never protect your wife and daughters. If you do, you will be making a Protector Son, instead of a Peter Pan.

10) Always shield your sons from physical pain of any sort. Of course, Peter Pans never learn to deal with physical pain.

Maybe some dads who are readers will not like to do these things and will honestly raise sons to be Protectors.

My female friends and I would be astounded! I am sure that TLM and home schooling parents create Protectors.

What do you think?