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Thursday, 28 November 2013

Not The Nine-O'Clock News (really)

Well, after several weeks of shock and moving about, I can share what happened to a point concerning my stay in Europe.

The reason why I am sharing this is that I am now beginning to engage an immigration lawyer through my son in Europe to get back.

I was detained and locked up for nine hours, finger-printed, searched, my things searched and interviewed because I was visiting England too many times. I was also not allowed to see my son during that time and he was not allowed to speak with immigration. I was not allowed to go stay with the nuns at Tyburn, which were my plans, and I was forced to spend a huge amount of my own money to stay two nights in an airport hotel. I did not have my passport for three days.

I was told over and over that I had broken no laws, and yet, I was treated like a prisoner. When I asked why I was being treated like a criminal, I was told that all people, right or wrong, were treated the same. Even multiple security guards, some ex-police, apologized to me, saying this should have never happened.

Since the Spring of 2011, I had been visiting my son every six months.

The woman in front of me, a non-English speaking Muslim from Turkey had been doing the same thing, visiting her daughter, since 2008. She was let in. I was not.

In order to go back, I have to apply for residency, which will almost be impossible. I need several miracles.

Please pray for these. Only the very rich get residency if they do not have a parent or grandparent who were British citizens. Most of the EU countries now follow the same rules.

The rules are becoming more and more restrictive, and the fact that I had residency for years and have a natural born English citizen for a son does not count.

White Mums do not count.

EU rules and the fact that Great Britain is copying American immigration policies have caused this sort of discrimination to the poor, even poor mums.

Please pray for me. As you know, my sem son and I are very poor, which is one reason why this country could treat a person with a lack of respect.

The rules for non-EU people moving in and out of Europe are being changed as we speak.

I know that God wants me in Europe. There are reasons for all things in His Divine Plan.

Miracles needed. I am praying to Bishop Alvero del Portillo for intervention, so please join me. No one on this side of the pond, at this point, is helping me sort this out. Also, there seems to be a lack of expertise on European immigration law. And, if there is one mistake, the papers are refused, as I know of an entire family, including parents, from Uganda, who came to the States for the ordination of their son and were turned away at the airport because there was one error on their visa applications. I want to be at my son's ordination.

I shall keep you posted.