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Thursday, 24 April 2014

Loss of Identity Part Nine

When one finally discovers who one actually is in the eyes of God, one experiences a great freedom. Those who have never experienced this freedom cannot imagine what it is to be free in God. This freedom comes in and through love. This love allows us to be "all we can be" only in Christ.

Rules and regulations help us to become disciplined, of course, as I have written on this blog in the perfection series.

But, it is not the rules and regulations which create freedom, but only allow this to happen. As in Tyburn, the nuns respond to the Rule of St. Benedict and this becomes habitual.

Habitual rules open the door for holiness, but do not create holiness, which was the error of thinking of the Pharisees and Sadducees.

I am trying, with the help of friends, to re-create my schedule to allow for more contemplative prayer. So far, not bad--but the construct is difficult without a community. The joy of having others doing what one is attempting to do cannot be reproduced, but a lay person in the world must try.

When one has lost one's identity, slowly, but surely, one can find this in prayer. But, the scary thing for many is to take the first step towards love. For those who have been hurt or are wary of disappointment, one cannot take that first step without help.

Freedom can only come in love. What do I mean? Love creates trust. Love forgives. Love accepts one as one is, but has hope for new life, always.

To be affirmed in love takes risk.

For those who have lost their identity and do not know who they are in the world, pray and look to Our Lady, Mary. Mary will lead one to Christ, and in and through Christ, to one's real self. Mary allowed God, through her yes, to help create the Man Christ. Christ could not have been Incarnated without the cooperation of Our Lady. She will help those who have lost identity be re-created. Pray and trust.

to be continued...