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Thursday, 3 April 2014

The Country of Purgation

Being in the country has not been good for one who is susceptible to asthma--neither is being in the Mississippi River Valley and neither is being in and around Maryville, Missouri.

Why, I do not know. Today, there were fires in the fields next to the farmhouse where I am staying. I bought masks to wear as not only do I have asthma, but I am allergic to smoke. That is one allergy which has been defined.

I am still praying to get back to sea air, which suits me just fine. But, God is allowing this suffering, as well as the complications in my eyes for a reason.

One becomes resigned to suffering after awhile. This resignation is part of the process of purgation. The purification of the soul, imagination, mind, body means that one must be taken to the brink of trust on a daily basis.

Patience comes out of resignation to God's Will, to His mysterious plan, to His perfection.

Humility comes out of patience. One is no longer in control and must give up all.

I am truly thankful for the sorrows which began in earnest on October 31st, 2013,  I know that suffering is a gift for my purification.

Thank you for your prayers, as I know that it is God's Will that I return to Europe. But, this time is not today.

Perhaps soon, but not today.