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Monday, 21 April 2014

Watching Deer

From my window today, I can see a herd of white-tailed deer. These animals have at least two "guards" which stand a bit away from the outside of the herd and look up periodically while the others are eating the new grass.

These two deer warn the others if danger seems near. The large white tails flash up and away the deer run.

Rabbits have "guard rabbits" as well, frequently at the opening of the warren and usually an "alpha rabbit". If danger comes near, the guard rabbit thumps loudly and warns the others.

If animals have guards, why not people? Who, now in the world, guard us and warn us from danger?

I have not heard any priests from the pulpit speak as "guards" nor any politicians.

There are some bloggers who are guards and one famous television person, but guards are few.

The guard deer cannot take eyes off the road, the edge of the small valley where the others eat without fear. They cannot "rest" but must pay attention.

The prophets of old, including St. John the Baptist, were guards for the People of Israel.

Christ established His Church and gave us leaders, guards who understood spiritual warfare.

Where are they now?

Do fathers guard their families? Do brothers guard their sisters? Do the clergy guard their flocks?

We can learn much from Nature. We can learn how far sinful, selfish humans have "let down their guard."

Some people will perish for the lack of guards.

When I pray, I pray for protection. My Guardian Angels watch over me.

Angels do not rest, do not need rest. They watch in joy and love. We could learn something from them, as well.