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Sunday, 25 May 2014

Facing Death

Some people I know are facing death. I have readers writing to me to pray for loved ones who are in the last stages of various illnesses.

Readers, please join me in prayers for them.

But, also think on your own death. And, think of the death of others.

When dear ones are close to death, sometimes we forget it is our duty to remind them of heaven, hell, purgatory, the particular judgement.

Especially in America, we run about trying to avoid death by either denying a person is near death, or even lying to that person.

Years ago, a friend told me of her husband's beautiful death. He died of cancer, but it was a long death. However, everyday, as she changed his bandages, at home, they read Scripture together and they prayed together.

His last year was one of repentance and prayer.

The wife did not lie to her husband, and as he was a doctor, he knew his real condition. He was brave enough to face death, and his final judgment.

One of the hardest times to face is that moment when one knows there is nothing else one can do, or that doctors can do.

One then can only join Mary at the foot of the Cross.

One can only watch and wait and pray.

Do not run away from watching and waiting. Be patient. Love and savor every day, every moment and help the person become closer to God.

Help them face God in peace and honesty.

I pray for the many people who have written to me about loved ones with cancer. This morning, I remember you in my thoughts and pray that God gives you strength and peace.