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Sunday, 25 May 2014

St. Francis and Us

St. Francis said, and one of his followers wrote, this. "My God never says 'enough'."

My God never says "enough". We are called the Church Militant for a good reason. This two-fold job of becoming holy and evangelizing takes guts and stamina.

I almost forgot this today, as I had many things which are negatives thrown at me in the heat of the day; not doubts about God's love but doubts whether I shall persevere to the end with all the bad things which are happening.

Physical, emotional, even psychological pain comes with going the distance. One cannot do a run around the goal or leave the playing field.

Toughing it out makes us or breaks us. And, the daily facing of pain must be endured.

But, more than that-it must be chosen. We choose whether to suffer of not. Satan stands on the sidelines with the ice-cold drink and the towel, whispering, "Who do you think you are to go the distance? You are so lame to think you can win in this game."

I think of Rudy and the guy in the movie who wanted him to "tone it down" as everyone else, apparently, found themselves fed up with Rudy's zeal.

The saint-in-the-making does not tone it down. The would-be saint does not say, "I deserve a well-earned break."

That "break" comes in heaven, not here.

But, when things get rough, and one gives one's suffering to God as He ordains, one falls into a deep peace, which passes understanding.

All complaints end in praise. All self-pity gets focused on the Wounds of Christ.

I write this for R, J, Z, E, G, K, D, and myself.