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Thursday, 12 June 2014

Evil makes one stupid

Well, some of you know this truism. The more one chooses sin, the more one loses one's God-given rational abilities.

The more one turns away from grace, the more dense one becomes, losing intuitions, senses of the spiritual life which is all around us, and discernment.

It is not that God takes these gifts, but that one begins to build walls which keep one in the material world.

This is why psychologists become more and more unintelligent the more they steer away from a belief in God and the soul.

How can one get better psychologically by going to a therapist or counselor who never addresses the existence or importance of the soul?

I have no idea how many psychologists are actually atheists or agnostics, but judging from the advice some give, I would guess a large majority.

Going to a counselor who ignores the spiritual life for healing and growth is like going to a mechanic for a sick pet.

Too many people, including children, daily are taken to counselors, psychologists and psychiatrists who do not believe in an immortal soul. Think about this.

How can someone whose soul is the form of the body become a whole and healed human being if their doctor does not believe in a soul?