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Friday, 27 June 2014

The False Dark Night

Barbara Brown Taylor is one of the most popular “spiritual” writers of the day. She was ordained as an Episcopalian priestess, but for reasons concerning her own popularity, she and the Episcopalians parted company some time ago.

The reason she is a concern for those seeking peace and perfection is that she writes about what she calls the Dark Night. However, one must make a distinction between what I call the highjacking of this very Catholic mystical term and Taylor’s use of the phrase.

First of all, for those of you who have read the over 600 posts on this blog regarding the way to perfection and union with God, you know that the first step to holiness is complete orthodoxy. Unorthodoxy keeps people from the graces of perfection.

Why? To be in union with Christ demands not only a breaking away from sin, and a purging of sin, but the “putting on the Mind of Christ”. To think like Christ, the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity one must think like His Own Bride, the Church.

Only in the Teaching and Tradition of the Church do we find the Mind of God. The sins which need to be purged come from self-love and self-will. Part of accepting the magnificent teaching of the Church is dying to self, the ideas one’s has about morality, doctrines, dogmas.

To insist on accepting ideas of others who have departed from the Tradition and Teaching Magisterium is a sign of rebellion and pride.

Without orthodoxy, one opens one’s heart, soul and mind to other spiritual forces, namely, demons and listens to the siren song of deceit.

I cannot judge Ms. Taylor, but I can judge her ideas, and a supposed “dark night” which is the same in Buddhism, or other man-made “religions”.  Objectively, she is confusing the way of ascetism, a long and honored tradition in all “religions” with the real Dark Night.

The real Dark Night centers on one’s relationship with Christ, and not merely the ascetic appeal of death to material things or distractions.

All humans benefit from denial and dark times, but only in the true Dark Night can one be discovered by the Bridegroom by Christ.

Who discovers one is the darkness which is not centered on Christ and His Truth, only found in fullness in the Catholic Church is, frankly, frightening.

Unless one is orthodox, one is open to the deceit of the most intelligent of beings, the demons who fake spirituality, who counterfeit real holiness and real religious experiences.

If on is not orthodox, one is not even on the way to perfection, as one is following a path which has forked off, away from the glory of the Catholic Church.

There is no such thing as truth outside of Christ, who told us “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life”

There is no other way to union with God except through Christ and His Church. Anything else is a false and stunted journey, based on the ideas of men and not the Mind of Christ.

Once more, I repeat, how do we know the Mind of Christ? The is only one way, through the beauty of the Catholic Church