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Saturday, 14 June 2014

The World of Manning Is Our World

Manning describes what I see daily-dead minds, dead souls. He asks, “Why is it that so many people manifest no spark of this light (of the Holy Ghost)? What is it that destroys this gift which they have in them by Baptism? A mortal sin extinguishes it. By one mortal sin sanctifying grace and the love of God are lost; and with the love of God are lost this gift (of knowledge) and all the seven gifts….and…this Christian common sense—this light of the knowledge of our duty to God, and to our neighbour, and to ourselves—may be very faint and low. And what is it that clouds it? The venial sins that we commit so easily—sins of worldliness, sins of self-indulgence, sins of temper, sins of jealousy, sins of pride, sins of vain-glory, sins of sloth, and the like; wherever there is any sin, but, above all,  wherever there is any tampering with unbelief, wherever there is any parleying with the spirit of doubt, wherever the intellect which is in you is exposed by your own free will to the perversions of falsehood….”

Strong words, but such are necessary for us, the generation of persecution.

Be strong. Be quiet. Cling to God’s gifts.

To be continued….