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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

God Makes New Doughnuts Everyday

Well, I got a new computer and it has Windows 8, so I am learning to navigate. Also, everything seems to be through Microsoft.

Did Microsoft buy Skype, btw.

Thanks to H, for whom this machine is now named.

I am glad I can learn new things.

I may ask someone to help me get Office. Is not on here. Please pray about that.

Also pray my friend who has all my files on his hard drive (Thank God, we did this before the other computer died), gets home safely from a trip and helps me put all my stuff back on.

I have "stuff" on three broken computers now. Sigh. I miss my techy sts.

Also, can someone order me a usb 3.0 mouse? Mine is over seven years old.

Ta muchly for thinking of these things for me.

I would much rather just use a pen and paper.....