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Monday, 15 September 2014


It finally dawned on me today why all the leaders of nations are denying that the wars in the Middle East have anything to do with religion. This is a daily denial of reality.

Reason: if they admitted that Islam was violent, which they do not, they would have to admit the Catholic Church was right all along regarding Vienna, Lepanto, etc., which these seculars do not want to do.

So, in continually denying the reality of Truth and the possibility of true and false religions, they deny what is obvious.

I call this stupidity.

Leaders from almost all Western nations are in denial about the reality of violence, or peace because of religions views.

Of course, religion could not possibly be that important.

Duh! Well, I was not concerned about denials until I sat down this morning and looked at the multitude of denials in the past several days.

Now, denial is epidemic.

Where are the real leaders, the real men?