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Saturday, 11 October 2014

Crime in Malta

I was almost pick-pocketed twice and I have only been here two full days. Malta has been a country with very low statistics regarding all types of crime.

I can say plainly that the two men who tried to get into my handbag were not Maltese. And, this is the problem. Many immigrants from Africa, Hungary and Romania have come to Malta. When the Church asks us all, including governments, to be open to immigrants, they forget one thing. And the problem is now this-many immigrants do not share the same value system as Christians do.  It is a tragedy to see a once holy nation crumble under the sinfulness of sexual perversion.

Maltese people are mostly excellent, good people. They still have Christian morality, although it has been a contracepting country for a long time.

But, most of the people do believe in the Ten Commandments and try to live faithful lives. The churches are packed on Sunday.

But, the new immigrants are not Catholic, or even Christian. Sadly, after four visits here and never having to worry about my handbag, I now have to hold it tightly and make sure the zipper is zipped.

I did not see a policeman to tell him of these attempts. But, now I am on my guard.

I wish the bishops would ask immigrants to accept Catholic values and not let the immigrants import neo-paganism.