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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

To Discern or Not To Discern

Some people miss Christ in the midst of life. Pilate missed coming over to The Truth. Either he was not listening carefully, or his darkness of mind kept him from seeing God, Who was stood before him in The Flesh.

Why is it that some people "get it" and see what is happening on the global level regarding the ending of Western Civilization? Why is it that some people see the coming splits in the Church, when many so-called good Catholics will part from Rome?

Why is it that some people have missed all the signs from the 1970s up to the present day regarding God's punishment and justice coming upon the earth?

Why do people lack discernment?

One reason-sin.

One of the most common sins which interferes with discernment, part of the gift of knowledge we receive in Confirmation is attachment to things or people. The need for human approval or the attachment to status and wealth prove to be high barriers in the spiritual life.

One cannot see over these walls of attachment without repentance.

Another sin is that of heresy. Some Catholics who believe in Liberation Theology, or a false seer, who contracept or are in irregular marriages lack discernment because they refuse to repent.

But, the most common sin which stops people and stopped the Hebrews listening to their prophets is the sin of idolatry.

Idolatry and discernment cannot abide in the same soul, mind, imagination.

False gods may be anything, but in America, it is the false pride of Americanism. Too many people see America as the best, when in reality, the entire nation should be fasting and praying to stop the great retribution of God's justice.

One cannot ignore the prophets any longer. It is time now to allow God to make one perfect. Now.

The symbolism of the lit lamps in the parable of the Five Wise and Five Foolish Bridesmaids points to the light of discernment-the readiness of those wise ones who brought enough oil.

Oil in the Old Testament means grace, anointing, being chosen.

The chosen ones paid attention, came prepared to meet the Bridegroom.

The others were left out in the dark, literally.

Be prepared spiritually.

Only the perfect see God.