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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Confusion is not from God

It was clear from the Pope's reaction to his election that he did not know he was going to be pope. He was surprised although he was runner-up under Benedict.

If there was canvassing, the cardinals involved are excommunicted, but the voting would still be valid pointed out.

And, who are the sources for Ivereigh, as no cardinal is supposed to be discussing this? The fact that he has knowledge is a problem in and of itself.

Could it be those who want to discredit the pope?

We cannot say he is not the pope, that would put us in danger of losing our immortal souls as sedevacantists.

That Cardinal Murphy O'Connor is saying something just makes him look like one of the conspirators, if there was canvassing.

Stay quiet and pray and do not go running after  innuendos. In my opinion, Ivereigh should be saying NOTHING. This stuff does not help the Church at all.

St. John Paul II made the rules because this sort of thing has happened before-intrigue in the Vatican is as old as the hills of Rome, almost.

Horrible, but Ivereigh is tearing down the Church, imho. Where is virtue in all of this? I do not see a saint or even a good biographer, but a person who is missing the point of all of this.