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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Happy Feast of St. Catherine

Art and architecture from an Age of Faith....
Here is an interesting article link on this church in Valletta, St.
Catherine of Alexandria.

St. Catherine is the patron saint of philosophers and preachers. I think this is because she made so many converts, even while in prison.

My favorite painting of The Mystical Marriage of St. Catherine is in the Co-Cathedral of St. John, as seen below.

Drop dead gorgeous chapel...

When I get upset with the rude bus drivers and rude pedestrians, I just think of this chapel.....and I want to stay here always.

The Jerome in this picture is a real Caravaggio, hands down my favorite painter. The Catherine painting is on the right and it is huge and as seen above, in the place of honor above the altar.

The Church of St. Catherine of Alexander in Valletta,  way above,  must be one of the small jewels of Malta. This little church is a popular site for weddings.

One can see why in the first set of photos.

If it is not raining, and if my feet are not horribly painful, I shall try and go, and pray for all the Catherines I know.

                  If I do not get there, I shall say a little prayer in the church I normally attend.

Update: I did get to the Church of St. Catherine of Italy in Valletta and prayed for all the Catherines I know. Also, I could hardly tear myself away from the fantastic Matia Preti, the first painting at the top.