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Saturday, 15 November 2014

I Fear for Malta

St. John Bosco said that a priest either goes to heaven and takes many people with him, or goes to hell and takes many people with him.

Sadly, today, I heard one of his own order speak heresy from the pulpit.

The priest does not understand that there are no differences between doctrine, the natural law and pastoral care. He does not understand that the law is love, and love makes a person want to follow the law. There is not separation between doctrine and love.

The meat of his talk was that the traditionalists and "rigorists" were causing division, by insisting on Latin, which causes division (ironically, Latin unites all the peoples of the world) and by insisting on following doctrine.

This priest, who up to this day, seemed orthodox, revealed a deep mistrust of the teachings of Christ on marriage. In fact, he also contradicted the theology of baptism by calling all people children of God, which they are not. He omitted the truth that only baptism makes us all children of God and heirs of heaven, not birth. We are born in Original Sin, which ties us to satan until that sin is removed and we are brought into sanctifying grace. Only after baptism are we adopted children of God, and this truth is in every catechism, including the CCC and Trent's.

Also, the priest was clearly referring to the fact that the Church will change the idea of what a family is. I cannot even refer to the exact phrase as it was too insulting not only to God, but to those of us who believe that marriage and family are sacred terms, with a definition created by God. Family means a father, a mother, and children. He absolutely rejected that definition.

And, this is the problem. This priest, like so many others, does not know his own Faith. He does not understand either the natural law or sacramental grace.

He does not understand that God's definitions are immutable.

I was so grieved by the talk, and the fact that he will continue this next week, as he said, that I do not know where to go to Mass now. If a priest is so confused about basic sacramental theology, what is the status of his consecration of the Host? And, if he intends to separate from the long tradition of the Church, is he not in heresy already?

Finally, the priest is not aware that he is causing scandal and leading others astray. One reason he is leading people astray is that he, like so many other priests, cave in to the false beliefs of the laity concerning sin.

Parents and grandparents in the congregation want to believe their children are "saved" even when they are living in adultery, fornication, active homosexual sex.

A person told me that we should not use the term adultery when his own wife is living with another man-without a divorce and anullment. He is in denial. He is denying her very public sin. And, the priest wants to cover up for this type of lying to self and to others. He wants to ameliorate the suffering of those whose children and grandchildren have gone astray. There is no easy way to avoid the Cross of Christ.

The priest referred to the Cross, but he did not explain that this suffering is the suffering of the laity, interceding daily for family.

I went and prayed for this priest as I fell into grief after hearing this sermon. I grieve because this priest is speaking lies and because he is leading others astray. He ignored the clear statement the Vatican just published on not giving Communion to those is irregular marriages. I posted that below.

He ignored Cardinal Burke and Bishop Schneider's statements, which are so clear. so orthodox. The hatred of the Latin Mass on this island is demonic and widespread. There is no TLM and I have not met one priest who says it.

I am sick at heart because I cannot fine a Tridentine community on this entire island. I know personally three people who love it and that is all. Three. I have no congregation and priest with whom I can have real fellowship, which means concord in the Faith.

I have decided I would never move here permanently until a bishop allows the TLM and stops this type of hatred of Latin, which comes from one source-the evil one, and, until a bishop reforms the teaching of the seminaries, including those of the orders here.

I prayed very hard for this priest not to be one of those who goes to hell dragging many people with him.

Penance, prayer, suffering for priests is absolutely needed.

If there is a world-wide schism, I fear for Malta.

Consider what a weight of responsibility for the salvation of souls is laid upon the priest. His task is to bring the faith to unbelievers, to convert sinners, to give fervor to the lukewarm, to stimulate the good to become ever better, to make holy people walk on the highest levels. Now how can he do all this unless he maintains a true union, an identity, with Jesus? This is why Padre Pio of Pietrelcina used to say, “The priest is either a saint or a devil.” He either moves souls to holiness or to ruin. What incalculable ruin does the priest not bring who profanes his vocation by unworthy conduct or who ventures to trample on it by renouncing his status as one consecrated and chosen by the Lord (John 15:16)!

In the canonical proceedings for the canonization of St. John Vianney, it is written that the holy Curé shed many tears “as he thought of the ruin of priests who do not correspond to the holiness of their vocation.” Padre Pio of Pietrelcina described heart-rending visions of the frightful pains Jesus suffered for the guilt of unworthy and unfaithful priests.
We know that St. Thérèse of Lisieux, the angelic Carmelite nun, just before she died made her last Holy Communion for this sublime intention — to obtain the return of a stray priest who had renounced his vocation. And we know that this priest died repentant, invoking Jesus.
We know that souls are not rare, especially virginal souls, who have offered themselves as victims to be sacrificed to God for priests. These souls are favored by Jesus in an altogether singular way. But let us, too, offer prayers and sacrifices for priests, for those in danger and for those who stand more firm and secure, for those who are straying and for those who are advancing in perfection.