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Saturday, 15 November 2014

Update on Malta and Citizenship

I think I mentioned this before on this blog. I was here last year when the government decided to charge for citizenship. This government only wants rich people to live here.

Take a look at this article from The Times of Malta November 14, 2014.


"No citizenships have yet been granted as a result of the cash-for-passports scheme but letters of approval have been issued, according to the Home Affairs Ministry....This means that before receiving their passport, approved applicants have to satisfy the obligations of the citizenship programme, including paying the rest of the 650,000 Euro contribution, purchasing or renting property subject to the legal minimums, investing 150,000 Euros in government stock and fulfilling the residency requirement."

Most of the applicants are from guess where? Egypt, Russia, the Middle East (Saudi Arabia), Asia, France, the USA.

Malta will not stay Catholic.

And, STM could never live here....under these conditions.

And take a look at this misinformation. Deceit is not from God.