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Monday, 3 November 2014

Losing Out to Gnosticism and Sin

Catholic Readers,

We have been given the greatest gift in the world. We have been given the magnificent teachings of Christ, and the apostolic succession in an unbroken form from the time the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity walked on this earth.

No one, no group, can change the Magisterial Teaching and Tradition, as these are protected by the Holy Spirit, as is Mother Church. The Third Person of the Blessed Trinity, the Holy Spirit has, continues, and will protect the one, true, holy and apostolic Church until Christ comes in His Second Coming.

This Second Coming will bring the Final Judgment and the End of the World. These are teachings, easily found in the CCC and elsewhere.

In these times, many Catholics have been lax about prayer and the interior life. They have not read the CCC nor have they followed excellent commentators, of which there are hundreds on line alone.

They have not spent time in reading the Scriptures or spending quiet time before God in Adoration.

There is no excuse for deception. If one is inclined to follow false teachers, one must pull back and look at one's own soul.

Deceit is the ploy of the Father of Lies. But, we all have free will. We can either follow Christ in His Church, or become Gnostics.

Gnosticism appeals to some who have the sin of pride and presumption as predominant faults. Gnostics almost destroyed the Church in some areas in ancient times.

But, the Church was not destroyed everywhere.

One must ask for humility. Too many trad Catholics are becoming Gnostics.

I am warning my readers and their friends not to separate themselves from Rome. In doing so, you are endangering your immortal soul.