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Monday, 3 November 2014

WOW from A Reader

One of my readers is doing research on the language of Maria Divine Mercy and the Latter Day Saints publications;

Here is something she wrote.

Some of her words sound like the Seventh Day Adventist ‘prophecy’(misinterpretation of Daniel 7-9 and Rev 13, 14 plus 17) right down to the descriptive language used. It could have been taken directly from  the teachings of Ellen G. White and friends; wouldn’t be surprised if she’s lifted some ideas out of the  Conflict of the Ages’ series, especially ‘The Great Controversy’ with lesser takings from ‘Desire of Ages’ or even the very popular and grossly anti papal ‘Revelation Seminar’.

I may do more research on this language, but as I have posted, MDM's prophecies are evil and created to take people right out of the Church.

I am very concerned about people's immortal souls. Curiosity is a sin of pride and so is following false seers. This curiosity is a form of Gnosticism.