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Friday, 7 November 2014

News from SPUC

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Would you tell a stranger you support Mary and Connie?
7 November 2014
Connie Wood and Mary Doogan are experienced, long-serving midwifery sisters.
They refuse to take part in abortions or to tell others that they should do abortions.
But their employer regards abortion as part of the job of a labour ward midwife (I know this sounds crazy – but that's how it is), and Connie and Mary have been told they must play their part in abortions.
Now their employer, the Greater Glasgow and Clyde Health Board, which runs their hospital, has taken the matter to the Supreme Court.
The hearing takes place just a few days from now.

If the midwives lose - and still refuse to take part in abortions - they risk losing their jobs.
These midwives must feel like the whole world is against them.
But that’s not true.
Well wishers, just like you, from every corner of Britain have shown how much they care - through their donations, their prayers, and their warm words of encouragement for Mary and Connie.
I know the midwives’ case may not be new to you. But today I am writing to ask if you wouldread the FULL story.
You’d be doing a tremendous favour to these midwives, and to the generations of midwives still to come.
Connie and Mary only want to bring babies safely into the world – happy and healthy.
This is the job they signed up for.
I hate having to ask again.
Will you help them stay?
Another way you can help (it’s not money)
The midwives’ court battle will only happen once.
This is our big chance to defend Mary and Connie’s right not to oversee abortions – and I’m sure you’re glad to have been a part of it.
So I’m wondering: do you know anyone else who’d be interested in helping?
The case is well under way. And the time to act is now.
If someone you know would be grateful to hear about it, please send their email address to me personally at
I promise they won’t be bombarded with messages. They’ll receive a polite approach inviting them to read more about the midwives’ story.
We won’t pass their details on to anyone else.
Anyone who believes in these midwives can stand up for them.
Right now, this is the best way to help them.
Yours in the defence of life,

John Smeaton
Chief Executive