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Thursday, 20 November 2014

Perfection Series VIII: Pressing Towards The Goal Introduction

All of us are given graces in order to cooperate with God's call to holiness.

First is the grace of conversion, which I have explained on this blog.

Then, we are given efficacious grace in order to grow in love.

Sacramental grace, which is sanctifying grace, gives us the Life of God in which we live if we are not in mortal sin.

God at this time is pouring out graces on His People. One of these graces is that of prayer, so that we can press forward on the road to purification and holiness.

In this mini-perfection series, I shall concentrate on the writings of Raissa Maritain, who should be canonized. The lay saints have trouble being canonized as it costs so much money to do so and orders are better equipped to put forward their priests. monks and nuns.

I met in 2013, the man behind the push to get Zelie and Louis Martin canonized. This is a full-time job.

Once you begin to see Raissa's reflections, you will realize how far advanced in holiness God brought her.

Of course, suffering physically had to be endured by this sensitive, highly intelligent and highly gifted woman.

In this series, I shall choose words from her Journal which add to the copious posts on perfection already on this blog, dating back to January, 2012.

She is able in her own words to explain grace to us in simple terms. That she and Jacques were personal friends with Garrioug-Lagrange is no accident.

Neither it is an accident that God led me to both Raissa and that great Dominican.

I call these events, these movements in one's life, "God-incidents."

Take advantage of the sharing of "God-incidents".

to be continued....