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Thursday, 20 November 2014

Breeding Weakness

This post will anger some Westerners, but some will nod their heads and say, "I see this."

Western culture, specifically parents, even Catholic parents. are breeding weakness into the children of this generation.

I believe this breeding of weakness started with the Gen Xers, as they were the first generation of "hot-house kids". While we Baby Boomers climbed trees, rode on our bikes to school, ate what Mom put before us sitting down to dinner, did tons of homework, plus chores, and grew up in big families, all situations which caused a toughening of character, the last two generations have been bred, on purpose, in weakness.

Breeding a child in weakness is connected to my posts on how to create a Peter Pan or a Peter Pam.

But, the breeding of weakness has been taken over by governments bent on creating a slave society.

Breeding weakness into children is the result of two opposite parental problems: the first is over-indulgence, the giving of the child everything he wants, and the needing of the parent to want to be friends with their children instead of parental authorities. But, the second problem is the opposite and that is complete control-freakiness over the children.

Children's schedules have been taken over by parents so that there is no time for freedom in play or reading or doing anything reflection or creative.

The control-freaky parent plans out the entire life of the children for the status and success of the parent.

This control, and the opposite lack of discipline and order, create weakness. Children grow up never having suffered inconveniences or having to wait for satisfaction in anything. They have not had training in the virtues, but only aggressiveness training, or, the opposite, training to be completely complacent.

Weakness had now been bred into the West. Narcissism is rampant, a sign of weakness of character, not strength.

Only a spiritual life at home can change this decay of character. (See my long series on virtue training).

But, I am sure that in some places, the weakness is so endemic that the cultures will not change and the civilizations will fall. This is what happened in Rome-the strong few overcame the weak and the two layers of social organization-the poor and the rich, fell into greater and greater weakness together owing to sin and corruption. Socialism breeds weakness as well, as Catholics know. taking away personal freedoms and responsibilities.

God is in charge. He gave us all free will. Some have used it to breed weakness into their children and, therefore, into society. My parents are 91 and 86. They were bred in strength and passed this down. They are still in their own house and go out to lunch most days. Their generation bred strength in adversity, as adversity surrounded them either through war or the great depression. Suffering, not coddling creates strength.

To breed strength takes time, focus, energy and God's laws. Only holy men and woman can breed strength, real strength.

to be continued...