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Friday, 21 November 2014

Power to The People-YOU!

For years now, I have heard the litany of the sins of priests and bishops as the reason why so many Catholics have left the Church or have had bad teaching. Yes, the laity were led astray and let down.


I am having a huge rant on this subject today.

STOP blaming others for ignorance which can be remedied.

Any adult Catholic can read the catechism, find the millions of books on Catholic doctrine and spirituality, watch superb videos by Voris, or the Lighthouse Catholic Media CDs, which are mostly excellent. EWTN has teachings daily on most subjects as well.

Catholic adults can find books and multi-media on any subject concerning our Faith, prayer, the sacraments, the Mass and so on.

STOP blaming priests who have bad sermons. STOP blaming priests who are heretics. I hear bad sermons and heresy frequently. But, after Mass, I pray, and find out what I need to know to get to heaven.

We all can find the Truth if we want to do so. If one is poor, one can read the Bible or ask for a CCC for a Christmas present.

God does not hide the Truth.

I have spent hours this past week trying to teach Catholics about grace, sin, and conversion. I am available daily when people want to learn. Some do not want to know Catholic teaching because then they will have to change.

I have prayed for those who are living in sin. I know many women who pray daily for others to convert. These women are fantastic prayer warriors and committed.

They pray for heretical priests daily.

Find what you need.

There are multiple retreats this very weekend on this island.

At some point, all of these complaining people must take responsibility for their own salvation.

STOP blaming parents, nuns, monks, cardinals, even the Pope.

Find someone who knows orthodoxy, and listen to that person. Be humble. Learn. If you do not know anyone, I do, and can share good sources.

I am astonished at the number of adults who never use the Internet for Catholic information.

There is a veritable feast of information on the Net for all of us. Classics by the great saints are available more now than ever before.

STOP saying the Internet is evil and use it while you can.

A sign of maturity occurs when a person stops blaming others for their own shortcomings and begins to make up for lost education or training. We can all do this. 

God and His grace are not hindered by time or place or personal histories.

He waits for us to ask for knowledge, and then gives it in abundance, if we really want it.