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Saturday, 1 November 2014


Time to talk about what is happening in the States and what may happen here.

Untermenschen,the term coined by the Nazi regime, means "sub-human" or "inferior people".

Anyone who was not Aryan by Nazi terms fell into the Untermenschen category.

The first to be targeted by the Nazis were the gypsies. Remember my posting on the now illegal homeless who were rounded up in SC.

Target groups will be labeled Untermenschen. These groups will include, besides the homeless, the elderly, the invalids, those on aid of any kind, those who are not seen as "useful" or those deemed terrorists, including pro-lifers, and Catholics.

The  Übermensch, or supposed super men, decide on who the Untermenschen are. Recall in Nazi Germany, the list included blacks, brown, gypsies, Slavic peoples , (Czechs, Poles, Russians, Slovaks, etc.) and of course, the Jews.

Do not think this cannot happen in the States, as it already has happened.

So, who are the Übermensch, in the Western World?

The uber-rich, the powerful, the seculars, the Masons, the self-appointed leaders of the NWO...those who hate the Catholic Church, those who are being used by the evil demons in attempting to destroy the Church.

Those unelected leaders of the West and East who are pulling the strings of all the puppet leaders, who sadly, many Americans and Europeans believe are their elected representatives form the  Übermensch,

Do not kid yourselves about these types as in the minds of those so-called liberals who cannot discern good from evil and instead make evil into a false good.

Such is the face of Modernist heretics in the Church.

Such is the face of those who are in power in what use to be the great democracies of the world.