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Monday, 8 December 2014

Alleluia and Sequence for Today's Feast

Duruflé "Tota pulchra es, Maria"

ad libitum: SEQUENCE for The Feast of The Immaculate Conception

Dies iste celebretur,
In quo pie recensetur
Mariæ conceptio.
Virgo mater generatur,
Concipitur et creatur,
Recta vena veniæ.
Adæ vetus exilium
Et Joachim opprobrium
Hinc habent remedia.
Hoc Prophetæ præviderunt,
Patriarchæ præsenserunt,
Inspirante gratia.
Virga florem conceptura,
Stella solem paritura,
Hodie concipitur.
Flos de virga processurus
Sol de stella nasciturus,
Christus intellegitur.
O quam felix et præclara,
Nobis grata, Deo cara,
Fuit hæc conceptio.
This day shall be celebrated,
On which we piously remember
The Conception of Mary.
The virgin mother is made,
Conceived and created.
A true conduit of forgiveness.
Adam’s ancient exile
And Joachim’s shame
Hence have remedies.
This the prophets have foreseen
The Patriarchs forefelt
Through the inspiration of Grace.
The rod that is to conceive a flower,
The star that is to give birth to the Sun,
Is today conceived.
As the flower that shall come from the rod,
As the sun to be born from the star,
Christ is understood.
O how happy and famous,
Welcome to us, dear to God
Was this conception.
Terminatur miseria,
Datur misericordia,
Luctus cedit gaudio.
Nova mater novam prolem,
Nova stella novum solem,
Nova profert gratia.
Genitorem genitura,
Creatorem creatura,
Patrem parit filia.
O mirandam novitatem,
Novam quoque dignitatem,
Ditat matris castitatem
Filii conceptio.
Gaude, Virgo gratiosa,
Virga flore speciosa,
Mater prole generosa,
Plene plena gaudio.
Quod præcessit in figura,
Nube latet sub obscura,
Hoc declarat genitura,
Semel matris virgo pura,
Pariendi vertat jura,
Fusa mirante natura,
Deitatis pluvia.
Triste fuit in Eva væ,
Sed ex Eva formans Ave,
Versa vice, sed non prave,
Intus zelans in conclave,
Verbum bonum et suave.
Nobis mater virgo fave,
Tua frui gratia.
Omnis homo sine mora,
Laude plena solvens ora,
Istam colas, ipsam ora,
Omni die, omni hora,
Sit mens supplex, vox sonora,
Sic supplica, sic implora,
Hujus patrocinia.
Misery is ended, Mercy is given,
Mourning maketh way for joy.
Through new grace,
The new mothers bringeth forth a new child,
The new star a new sun.
She shall give birth to the progenitor,
The creature to the creator,
The daughter to the father.
O wonderful novelty
And new dignity,
The conception of a son maketh rich
The mother’s chastity.
Rejoice, Virgin full of Grace,
Thou rod with a beautiful flower,
The mother noble through the child,
Fully full of joy.
What had happened before in an image,
Being hidden under a dark cloud,
This explaineth she who shall give birth,
At the same time a mother and a pure virgin,
Turneth around the laws of childbirth,
Who is, to the astonishment of nature,
Joined together with the rain of the Godhead.
In Eve the ‘væ’  was sad,
But, forming ‘Ave’ From ‘Eva’,
Turning it round, but not perverting,
By mightily acting inside in the chamber
The good and sweet word,
Be graceful to us, mother and virgin,
That we may enjoy thy grace.
Any man, without delay,
Shall release the mouth full of praise,
Venerate her, ask her,
Every day, every hour.
Be our mouth praying, our voice resounding,
So ask her, so implore,
For her protection. 
Tu spes certa miserorum,
Vere mater orphanorum,
Tu levamen oppresorum,
Medicamen infirmorum,
Omnibus es omnia.
Te rogamus voto pari,
Laude digna singulari,
Ut errantes in hoc mari,
Nos in portu salutari,
Tua sistat gratia.
Thou certain hope of the miserable,
The true mother of the orphans.
Thou art the relief for the oppressed,
The medicine for the sick,
Art everything to everyone.
Thee we ask of one accord,
Worthy of singular Praise,
That thy grace may place us,
Erring in this Sea
In the port of salvation.