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Monday, 8 December 2014

Perfection Series VIII Part XV Philosophy

Well, I started reading Raissa's Journal after I had studied both philosophy and theology. In fact, I would state that I love teaching philosophy greatly, as then I can teach people how to think.

Raissa notes two things in her diary which may help parents in the training of their children.

The first is this, that one cannot trust the reasons of the heart if these are not based on the intellect. In other words, the intellect validates the heart. Sadly, in our age of Catholic anti-intellectualism, few want to discuss this.

That Raissa would know, even when she was an atheist, that the heart cannot be trusted until it is purified, was sheer grace.

Her second comment I want to highlight, which follows this entry, is that girls should study philosophy as it keeps them from falling into the evils of the world by creating a simplicity of thought.

I totally agree with this. One's good sense and faith are strengthen by the study of philosophy.

Raissa writes, and again I agree with this wholeheartedly, that too many women are trained merely to please people, and thereby fall into discouragement and error. The girl who studies philosophy learns to reflect, and can "cultivate" the intellect in humility. Raissa knows that knowledge increases charity.

I have seen many women's lives ruined by this training to please others before pleasing God. They have a fear of rejection because their minds have not been trained to think independently of the opinion of others and to be quiet and reflect. They concentrate on looks rather than the soul, and on money, rather than virtue.

I taught logic, both formal and material, as well as the history of philosophy and history of ideas.

Whether my female students avoided the pitfalls of so many women in merely playing up to men and allowing themselves to be manipulated, I do not know. A teacher rarely sees students beyond one semester.