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Sunday, 7 December 2014

Using Angels

Several years ago, a wise woman told me that we do not use our guardian angels enough. Also, the truth is, that if we do ask our angels for help, they respond in love, as they exist to guard and aid us.

Almost daily, I follow the same pattern and have for the past two months.

I take the bus, get off, walk to the church where I attend Mass, then walk to a cafe for coffee and sometimes breakfast, as I have fasted from the day before...then, I walk to the Adoration chapel.

In order to get to the chapel, almost daily, I have to walk on a pavement where several non-Maltese men congregate. Sometimes they let me pass and sometimes I have to walk in the street to get around them. Most of the time, they just stand in the way and I have to walk around them.

As it is raining and dirty now, I decided I did not want to brush up against cars, or step into the street.

So, I did something rather daring. I asked angels to go before me and clear the sidewalk, moving the men away so I could walk on the pavement.

When I reached the first group, they stepped aside quickly as I was coming. Now, I usually look at the ground when I walk, being modest and trying to have custody of the eyes. But, it was so obvious that something new was happening, I had to look up.

As I approached the second group of men, they all scattered in different directions.

I just smiled to myself. We do not use our angels as often as we should.

I shall let you know if this happens again when I ask angels to go before me on the sidewalk. Angels respect this unworthy little woman even if some men do not.