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Sunday, 7 December 2014

A Fantastic Sermon

A courageous priest gave a superb homily this morning at the English Mass. Father Charlie Said focused on the reading concerning St. John the Baptist. And, like this prophet, Father noted that many of the Maltese were no longer focused on Christ. He called the congregation to repentance.

Bravo! He went on to list the stupid and intrusive laws of the socialist government which affect the Catholic schools as an example of growing tyranny. He listed that fact that a child in the school now has to brush his teeth if the school serves orange juice, immediately after drinking it, if bought in the tuck shop. And that flavored milks can no longer be served in the schools. Yet, immorality is becomes the law of the land. Details over trivia hide the loss of freedoms. He decried the lack of focus on the part of the Maltese.

He noted that in some places, a girl can get an abortion over a certain age, but marijuana is going to be made legal for young adults.

His point was that although the Maltese are rendering to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, they are not rendering to God the things that are God's, including the religious education of their children.

The growth of large government is at the expense of personal freedoms. Father admitted that many of the Maltese are asleep, just as Catholics in America are asleep.

Unless, said Father, Christ is part of the social structure of a country, that country will not longer be Catholic. He related strongly that the basis for Maltese culture and peace, as well as prosperity has been Christianity. When Christianity goes, Malta will go.

He clearly said that when Christ is taken out of politics and daily life, the culture, and the civilization crumble.

As my readers know, I have been stating this since 2007. Those who vote only for monetary reasons and not for morality will find themselves without their culture. The only way out of greed and lust for power is Christ, is holiness.

Bravo Father for challenging those in the packed church to become holy again. Father called each person to repentance, to putting Christ first.

I hope it is not too late for Malta.