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Sunday, 7 December 2014

Answer to a reader...on vocations

To be called to the priesthood is not a call to a job, but to being Christ in the world. The alter Christus acts in the place of Christ at Mass, changing the wine and bread into the Body and Blood of Christ.

To become a worthy priest, one must not sin seriously. In fact, seminary training is a time when seminarians should avail themselves to the way of perfection.

We no longer need more bad priests.

If a young man has weaknesses in his soul concerning serious sins, he is most likely not a good candidate for the priesthood. Such sins as homosexual activity, masturbation, pornography and other serious sins which have become habitual have no place in the seminary atmosphere.  In fact, finding pornography on a seminarian's computer is grounds for dismissal in some seminaries.

The priesthood is not for everyone. Some young men need to live a life of holiness in the world. Some need to become more disciplined while in the world, or they will not be able to handle seminary life.

It is hard to be a good priest, and it is even harder to be a holy priest. But, the life of holiness does not start on the day of ordination. The route to holiness begins much earlier than that day.

I say to young men, that if they have habitual sexual sins, would they make a good husband and father? The answer is no. Same with the priesthood....

If one thinks one is being called to the priesthood, one must follow Christ seriously where one is before one enters the seminary. Same with marriage.....if you are not cooperating with God on holiness as a single person, you will not automatically be holy on your wedding day.