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Friday, 19 December 2014

Awake and Asleep

Many, many times I have written about people who are ostriches and who are asleep, not seeing the signs of the times, as well as the need for conversion.

What is happening in Europe and the States regarding the erosion of rights, such as the new ruling in GB that senior midwives cannot say no to assisting with abortions, and the recent suppression of discussion on the sin of homosexual actions, cannot but get worse

I ask readers to consider speaking with family members with whom they may "have Christmas" about the signs of the times, the disappearing of protections for those who want to live their religion publicly.

As one who has not succeeded with bringing my own siblings to the truth, I understand the difficulties of spreading the Gospel of repentance to those we love. Sometimes, all we can do is pray. However, we can pray for "openings", for those hints in conversation that maybe someone is ready to hear more about Christ and His Church.

God does not create suffering in families, but He allows it to bring some people back to Him. He allows suffering to strip away the false idols and crutches people cling to desperately in their lives. He also allows it to purify those who suffer for Christ and His Church.

Pray for those openings. Pray for the protection of St. Michael and your guardian angels when visiting or having visitors come to your house for Christmas.

Remember, just as God revealed His Son to the lowly shepherds in the fields around Bethlehem, so too, He wants to reveal His love to all our family members.

Pray, pay attention, be patient, and do not ever pass up an opportunity to spread the truth of the Good News of Jesus Christ. Our Lord, Emmanuel.