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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Dark Night Series Again?

Having been moved by grace from the Dark Night of the Senses to the Dark Night of the Spirit, I may try and share some insights with you.

The irony is that one is in confusion, darkness, totally lacking in any sense of knowledge in this part of the Dark Night, so to share is almost an oxymoron.

One thinks one is going backwards or has even lost salvation. Because prayers are not answered, as God is trying to teach one complete dependency on Him aQnd not on any consolations, one doubts one's own self more and more.

One must learn to trust in the darkness by concentrating on God and the Passion of Christ. But, there is no grace of mediation, either.

The hardest thing for me is not to consistently have a spiritual director. Mine is away in another country for over a month, having left over a week ago. Such is life, but to get through the great pain and to not fall into discouragement, one does desire a spiritual director.

There are too few priests who have gone through this process themselves.

All one can do is try to focus on God and try to rest. The temptation to anxiety is huge, but one needs to make acts of faith.

I say the Jesus Prayer.

to be continued...