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Friday, 2 January 2015

Disorders and Demons

In the past several years, because of the shortage of exorcists, many lay people have "come forward" to pray over people regarding demons.

Now, I have written many times on this blog that most of those people, who are usually charismatics, should not be in this type of ministry. One of the problems is that they are not under any authority of a bishop, they have not been trained by professional exorcist priests, they are not necessarily living the strict type of life necessary for a person who does pray for "deliverance" and they are not necessarily the persons who should be out on the front lines.

After many years, almost 40, of observing, studying and learning about these ministries myself, (and the Catholic Church does not want us to use that term as lay people, btw), I have come to the conclusions that the vast majority of people in so-called deliverance "ministries" should be not be involved at all.

One of the primary problems is the lack of orthodoxy among many of these people. I know, personally, women who regularly pray over others without a priest present, who believe in women priests and civil unions for gays.

Just one example of the inappropriateness of some groups' members.

Without training and discipline, these people, mostly women, cause more harm than good.

So, I have a few bullet points concerning this problem, which is out-of-control in the West, in the States, in Canada, and in Europe.

  • Never let anyone touch you or pray over you unless an bishop appointed exorcist is present.
  • Never let another person pressure you about falling down or speaking in tongues. Many, if not, most, tongues are false, even demonic.
  • Never tell people you do not know you innermost secrets.
  • If a person is known to have unorthodox opinions contrary to Catholic teaching, not only avoid them but report them to the bishop or chancery office as someone representing the Church falsely.
  • Be aware that much of the language in these "ministries" is from either Protestant or New Age sources and do not apply to Catholic theology. There is much confusion about the "baptism of the Spirit, Confirmation, Confession, and sin.
  • Ask questions about a group. Ask many questions as to orthodoxy, authority, training.
  • Realize that the devil appears as an angel of light and some people who seem wonderful and have great "witnesses" are not what they seem to be.
  • Read Catholic books, not Protestant ones, on healing and deliverance. Listen to the many talks by Fr. Chad Ripperger.
  • Never go to a Protestant service for healing or deliverance. Satan laughs at Protestants, as he knows that only the authority given in the Catholic Church is the true authority.
  • Beware of groups which charge money for healing or deliverance. These are truly false "ministries".
  • If a so-called "minister" has a life or family life which is "not in order", avoid them. For example, a so-called minister was working in deliverance and having an extra-marital affair. That woman would not be working with or in God's grace.
I have written about some of these things before and I thought the wild healing and deliverance groups of the seventies and eighties were fading away. Not so....

Demons can use anyone to bring people out of the one, true, holy, apostolic Catholic Church, even those who seem to be doing good deeds. I have known people become more ill and more oppressed by being prayed over by those who are "out of order".