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Friday, 2 January 2015

This comment on the Buchanan post deserves attention

Brother Augustine of Nubia said...
Gearing up for World War IV.

Here is how I see it playing out...

Step 1: Sanctions against Russia

Step 2: Rise of Nationalism in Russian and to a extent Germany

Step 3: Belarussian hyperinflation

Step 4: Belarussians wish to rejoin Greater Russia ( Belarus means "white russia" the soil there is grey or white in color)

Step 5. NATO sets a "red line". Russia reoccupies Belarus.

Step 6. "Border Incident" with Poland or Lithuania

Step 7: German nationalists seize power in Germany.
Seek re-alignment with Russian/NATO/EU/Banking System

offer to trade Koingsburg/Kalingrad/East Prussia for Belarus and Right Bank Ukraine.

Step 8: General War

Russia re-occupies Right Bank Ukraine. Iran seizes parts of Caucasian regions/ Greater Persia. Azerbaijan/Baku area perhaps Shi'a portion of Iraq. China perhaps siezes parts of India and Afghanistan and Africa for mineral resources. Perhaps even Taiwan.

Rump Ukraine with realign with Poland and perhaps Lithuania/Latvia.


At what point will German nationalists side with the new order?

Where will the new partition lines be drawn.

How will this play out in East Asia/Pacific? Will Japan seek greater alignment with China or Korea?

When will the US get involved?

Where will the Polish/Lithuanian border incident occur?
2 January 2015 at 12:5