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Sunday, 25 January 2015

Points on Europe

  • Here is a list of my thoughts on what will happen here:
  • The EU will collapse and the Euro
  • Nations will become more belligerent among themselves reverting into nationalism
  • But this nationalism is fed by the OWG people who will replicate tyranny in every nation
  • Borders will be difficult to cross except for the very rich
  • Lone travelers will be restricted more and more
  • Europe will be the playground of the rich only
  • Tyrannies will take over the structures and governments because of terrorism
  • Those EU countries which sell arms to the terrorists form part of this plan
  • More and more draconian laws isolating, marginalizing and criminalizing Catholics will occur
  • Catholics will be targeted (and already are) as no-go people, not let in to do missionary work or share ministries
more later