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Sunday, 25 January 2015

They Come From Dust Part Sixteen

Adam never saw men get up so quickly, "ready to rumble". Sean, Mike and Chuck stood in a small group looking like giant angels. Mike said loudly, "Hey, do we have a surprise for you, Chuck!"

Mike led the two policemen plus Adam to a little room and opened the door. Adam could hardly believe his eyes. There were three nuns in habits resting on the floor. One stood up when the door opened.

"Now, Sister Mary, do not be afraid. We have a visitor and a guide you will be traveling with up north. Did you explain this to the others?"

The diminuitive nun said "Yes" quietly and fell back into silence.

Mike said that Sean would bring them all breakfast, but that they should be ready to go immediately after eating.

"Of course, Mike, and thank you, again." Sister Mary turned to the others and briefly introduced them to Adam and Chuck.

Then, the men left and began to prepare something to eat. Chuck looked worried. "Where did you find them." Sean spoke first. "Well, they found us about five days ago. They just walked up to the door. They have a horrible story which they can tell you on the way. We've got to get them out of here. All the rest of their order were killed."

Chuck drank some coffee and passed a mug over to Adam. "You realize this complicates our quick journey north. Three ladies in habits...and we don't have any clothes for them to change into."

Sean was making bacon and eggs over a small stove. "They wouldn't change, anyway. The others may not have been killed if they had gone out of habit. Well, we have to get them away. We are still too close to the new military base, and the old ones. I found out the army is returning from the Washington area and coming back up here. Also, something is going to happen in New York, We have heard rumors."

Sean spoke just as fast as Chuck. Adam wondered at their "spy network". He was trying not to think of the new dangers now that he and Chuck would be joined by three nuns of  "un-determined" ages.

Chuck took Adam aside. "We have decided that travelling in a group of more than three is just plain dangerous. You and I with one of the sisters will leave first. Then Sean will take one and Mike the other. They will not take the same roads as we are and they will go to different places. At this point, you do not need to know where they are going. I trust you are OK with a female companion, "

Adam reassured Chuck and then, Chuck asked the nuns to join them for food. Within minutes, Chuck explained the break-up of the group. The leader, Sister Mary, agreed with the wisdom of this plan.

Sean and Sister Therese would leave after Chuck's party, then Mike and Sister Celine would leave about fifteen minutes later.

Nothing would be left in the Shaker house, nothing.

"I am going to drive the car a few blocks away right now. Be back in five." Church left and drove the Mini to a small copse of trees about a quarter of a mile away. Then, he ran back to the house.

OK, we must leave. Mike, are you ok leaving last? You know where to go?"

Mike nodded. The nuns all hugged each other. Chuck ushered Sister Mary out of the door, Adam followed.

As they stepped across the road into a field and down another road, Chuck noticed for the first time that Sister Mary was wearing hiking boots. He smiled.

Within a half-hour, the house was abandoned with no obvious traces of food, stove, blankets. Mike and Sister Celine began a march due east, but they would vere north eventually. Sean and Sister Therese went south, and they would move due west at some point soon . Both men knew of two safe places, at least for now, safe places, within three days of walking. The adventures began...

To be continued...