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Monday, 19 January 2015

Rant and One-Half

I have done this myself as a blogger--many times, writing about things which could be considered trivial, such as ladies' dress in church.

But, I am astounded at the number of Catholic bloggers who continue to write trivia while the world is edging towards one of the biggest changes since the Fall of the Roman Empire, or the Protestant Revolt.

We are facing, obviously, the complete, final death throes of our civilization.

2015 will be a climatic year.

Already, in the first "barely" three weeks of January, we have seen changes in Europe which we knew would happen and finally did.

We have seen the Swiss ditch the euro and Greece moving towards electing a Marxist who wants Greece to leave the EU.

We have seen huge store chains go out of business in Canada, and the extinction of many small ones.

We are witnessing the disappearance of the middle class not only in America, but in other countries of the West. We see such a huge influx of immigrants into America that the country will not be able to deal with the needs and changes.

We watch television news, which omits serious commentary, while Russia flexes her muscles in Ukraine, making Lithuanians and Polish people nervous.

Yet, all Americans care about, it seems, are the academy awards lists and the Superbowl predictions.

January 2015 looks like 1938. That year, Hitler seized control of the German army and placed his own Nazi friends in high military positions. Romania took away citizenship from the Jews. Japan did not cooperate with America or Great Britain concerning a request on the build up of the Japanese navy. Hitler invaded Czechoslovakia and Austria and all the Jews lost university positions. And, all this happened in January and February, 1938. A bit later, the head Cardinal in Austria demanded that all bishops and priests support Hitler. Hassan el Banna of the Muslim Brotherhood, speaking in Cairo, asked for Muslims to form one large community of the Ottoman empire. 8,000 Jews in Italy were sent, under Mussolini, to concentration camps.

What are we seeing? Shelling and war in Ukraine. Terrorist massacres in two European countries, resulting in new and harsher border controls. Threats of massacres in other EU countries. Turkey upbraiding the West, destroying ancient monasteries, and thousands of Syrians dying in a civil war. Fighting continues in the Middle East daily. Almost daily massacres in Nigeria and the burning of churches by the same types of people killing Europeans. We see increasing division in the Catholic Church and the votes for ssm coming up in Ireland and in the courts in the States.

Now, in 1938, there were two leaders pulling the strings-Hitler and Stalin. Now, we have multiple leaders demanding violence, and those who hate the Church undermining the moral teaching, including the denial of natural law. But, we do have one leader wanting war, and hidden leaders pulling the puppet strings of both terrorism and financial ruin. We are also facing something which did not happen in 1938, schism in the Catholic Church.

All we need is one leader to come forward to stop the increasing chaos and soon-to-be anarchy in Europe. All we need is the escalation of war from Russia, and a threat from China and we shall see a Julian Felsenburgh emerge. These events will not take long in coming.

And, so many Catholic bloggers ignore the signs of the times.