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Monday, 19 January 2015

The Extinction of Souls Part Two

"Love does not make you weak, because it is the source of all strength, but it makes you see the nothingness of the illusory strength on which you depended before you knew it."( Leon Bloy, Auden & Kronenberger, 1966)

The short post yesterday on Leon Bloy's comment about the purposeful extinction of souls needs to be expanded.

The present Pope quoted Bloy in 2013 in his first address to the cardinals.

This quote below pins down the point I make constantly on this blog that there is no middle-state, no neutral state in the world.

Most Westeners play footsy with the world. And, yes, there are ways around this daily compromising attitude.

When Bloy noted that the extinction of souls was the goal of the growing evil of Europe, he knew who was behind the gross materialism evading the Church. Now, American Catholic use the philosophical term of materialism when they should be using the term consumerism.

Consumerism is the heated pursuit of things, the addiction to novelty shopping, and the false needed for status symbols.

Materialism is the philosophical belief that the created universe is all there is--that there is no spiritual world, no heaven, hell, or purgatory, no soul.

The trouble with Europe is that the vast majority of people live like true materialists. But, one cannot. One who lives without any thought of the next life is doomed to a rather horrific surprise.

‘He who does not pray to the Lord prays to the devil.’ When one does not confess Jesus Christ, one confesses the worldliness of the devil.”

Until Catholics wake up and realize that there are no neutral states of life choices, of daily actions and thoughts, these people are in danger of losing eternal life with God.

There is no middle ground in Europe and those who pretend that there is cannot understand what is happening. 

In The Woman Who Was Poor, Bloy puts the now-famous words into the mouth of one of the main characters, Clotilde: For there is only one reason for us to be sad,” says Clotilde, “And that is that we are not saints.”

As I walk up and down the streets of Dublin today, going to Mass, doing some chores for myself and a friend, I see thousands of materialists. In McDonald's, where I had a coupon, I met a charming Irish woman who was extremely well-dressed, eating toast and tea. We sat at the same table and had an interesting talk about the Irish.

She shared an intriguing insight. She noted that the time of interest in the Irish "has passed" and that the type of tourists who came for years and years are gone.

She noted that the little house in The Quiet Man was allowed "to be overgrown with weeds" and ruined. She said that the little cabin in Ryan's Daughter was not kept up. The older generation in American who had heard stories from their grandparents and parents would never find that old Ireland again.

"Old Ireland is gone." Voltaire has won here.

I see it and saw it the first time I visited in 2011. The reason for old Ireland disappearing is materialism.

The soul of Ireland has become extinct because of the dying of Catholicism here.

This lovely lady noted that there was a shortage of priests and nuns. She noted that the "elan" of Ireland had vanished. Irish enthusiasm, energy, poise and grace had disappeared. 

She noted that now the Irish had become crude and gauche, no longer spiritual--and this from the mouth of a Dubliner.

There is no neutral territory. Like Bloy noted, if one does not worship God, one will worship satan.

I like being here and I have great love for my handful of friends here. But, a cloud hangs over this beautiful country. Like the black breath of Sauron, it seems to be filling the island.

to be continued....