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Saturday, 17 January 2015

Contrary to popular opinion, I believe seagulls are majestic animals. Some are vicious, but not all.

I love living in a city like Dublin where the seagulls perch on the rooftops.

I distinctly remember the first time I saw a European seagull up close. I was living in a small house in Bristol when I first roomed with another girl while I was beginning studies at Bristol. The house was in Bedminster and sported a very small garden in the front, with a small combination rock and picket fence, plus a bevy of oddly assorted palm trees and tropical flora.

One day, when I was approaching the house, a huge Bristol seagull flew up and stood on the picket part of the fence. It eyed me as if to say, "This is my yard, my house, and I am letting you use it."

It stayed on the front wall for a few minutes and then flew up and away over the steep roof of the house.

The seagulls of Bristol can be dangerous and destructive. But, in 1985, this one was merely reminding a Yankee of who had the right to come into BS3.