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Saturday, 17 January 2015

Why The Church Will Be Persecuted

Persecution will come and is coming soon. For more people than you realize, it is happening already.

Most Catholics think that persecution hits the Catholic Church because of politics, or doctrine, or dogma.

Those issues are only part of persecution. But, as I wrote last year in the series on Rome, linked at the bottom of this post, the real reasons have to do with one fact.

Empires do not understand simplicity.

Global governments cannot tolerate innocence.

Large political entities, whether the EU, or Russia, or the US cannot abide or even understand the unique individual who does not fit into a box.

If a person is honest, innocence, without gall, those who work for governments who train their workers to sniff out evil and who concentrate on evil will never understand those who are good.

In times of chaos, governments look out for those who are "different" and Catholics who are living their Faith are and should stand out as "different".

Being outwardly Catholic will become more and more dangerous.

Being outwardly Catholic causes marginalization and ridicule, both of which I have experienced in one week.

Being sincere cannot be appreciated by the paranoid or the fixated.

We are and shall be persecuted because we first of all belong to the one, holy, Catholic and apostolic Church; for those of us who take this seriously, we shall be set aside as outsiders.

It has all happened before and is happening now. All the laws are in place or shortly will be for gross persecution.

I have pleaded for help without any response. If I could share with you what I have endured in the past three days, and I cannot online, you may be more aware of my real needs.

I have written before, that I am a bell wether. If I end up in prison, you will end up in is just a matter of time.

Daily, armies and government officials are being trained to spot those who work outside the system.

They are trained to bully the individual, the non-conformist, the non-secular.

Catholics see things in a completely different light than the vast majority of those who do not know the Indwelling of the Trinity.

Pay attention. Please pay attention. If you are complacent, you will either lose your faith, side with those who hate the Church, or despair.

We shall be persecuted and what is happening is not so subtle anymore. Saints are never conformists and never able to be put into a box.

Catholics forget that twice Our Lady, who is all perfect, had to flee her home country because of persecution. The first time was in the Flight into Egypt. The second time was when St. John took her to Ephesus, to flee the Jerusalem persecution.

Learn to be holy; learn poverty of heart and purity of heart. Those virtues will get you through what will happen. And, as an addendum, I think we shall see the closing of some borders in the EU.