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Thursday, 15 January 2015

The Slamming of The Doors

The glue which kept Europe together as Christendom has finally dried up. Nations are becoming less accessible to each other despite the EU, as nationalism, rather than patriotism, rears its ugly head again. What kept borders open in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance was Catholicism, and the presence of the universal Catholic Church.

Can one imagine St. Bernard, St. Dominic, or St. Catherine being refused entry to any country.

Can one imagine the lack of the sharing of scholarship and prayer which formed Europe ending?

Can one imagine the purposeful stopping of community life among orders, which pre-date the very nations which now seek to discourage the presence of missionaries?

Even 15 years ago, as I am discovering, this tightening of borders, because of the unwillingness to allow Americans of a certain ilk, that is Catholics, into countries, to study or work or even get married, began. Stories shared with me in the past week indicate that at least 13 years ago, perhaps because of 9/11, but I doubt that, boundaries and barriers to Catholics were beginning to occur.

Silently, slowly, surreptitiously, people here and there were being denied access to certain countries, Great Britain being the most obvious.


I repeat what I have written here before on this blog. What institution threatens the nation-states, communism, socialism, and all the modernist heresies which now are the new glue binding people together in Europe?

What institution created by God Himself stands for Truth in the face of greed, selfishness, ideologies, idolatry?

The one, true, holy, Catholic and apostolic Church—period.

Many years ago, people who were oppressed could leave nations under tyrannies. Now, where do these people rest?

The Jews are being chased out of Europe again.

The Catholics have been marginalized and not one bishop or cardinal here on this continent has spoken out against the encroachments of the states against the Church.

Seculars and those of man-made religions have made unspoken pacts against Christ and His Church.

Unless Catholics wake up and rally, the moment of strength will be lost. Perhaps, it is too late already. Souls, which could have been saved by the preaching of the true Gospel will be lost because doors have been shut to the spreading of the Good News of Christ.

Ours is the only religion which looks not to material goods, the goods of this world, as rewards, but to the Love which we hope to experience in the next world.

Ours is the only religion which internalizes spiritual growth, as opposed to those religions which only emphasize the exterior acting out of religion. The Catholic Church from the beginnings of Peter's declaration of faith has pointed to our eternal life with God as the goal of all labor and prayer on earth.

Without this sense of who man is, why he was created, and for Whom he owes his very being, false religions and isms crush humanity under the weight of gross materialism—either in the siren song that this life is all there is or in the false ideal that heaven is merely a series of materialistic rewards and not Union with the Trinity.

Preach and teach while you can. The doors to evangelization slam shut daily. And, tragically, those who stand on the outside of the Church will be facing the onslaught of evil without grace, without community.

If God wills to shorten the tribulations to come for our benefit as believers, how will those without the means to cope with the devastation of their cultures, all once based on Christendom react?

There are pockets of remnant people, but some still cannot see the truth of what is happening around them.

The early, persecuted Church had room to move, disperse, grow. We shall not have this luxury.

Either Catholics stand firm against the three-pronged evils of false religion, secularism and neo-nationalism, or the Church will disappear in many, many places.