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Thursday, 15 January 2015

Losing humanity

I have been wondering whether to share some sad and negative things I have learned being in Europe the past few months.

I think that God has allowed me to experience and see some changes which I know believe I must share.

Let me say that God is allowing evil to be unleashed upon the earth for His purposes of purging the faithful and correcting those who are in deep sin.

But, how does this look from this side of the Atlantic?

A few points.

One, more and more people are falling into negativity and cynicism about their fellow human beings. People are less and less seen as individual human beings and more and more as cyphers.

This type of mind-set has happened before under the communist regimes and under Nazism.

The root of this type of attitude is utilitarianism and hatred of the good.

Two, the poor are being more and more marginalize by the rich an powerful. Those in the middle-class seem to be panicking, realizing finally that there is a small but powerful coterie of the super-powerful and super-wealthy who will run Europe leaving democracy in the dust. Some people sense this and are getting nervous. Some people do not want to know and, sadly, some people will cooperate with destroying the dignity of poverty.

Three, the Catholic Church is now the enemy of the nation-states, which are coalescing into one big government.  Do not kid yourselves, as power is becoming more and more centralized across national boundaries and more and more dictatorial.

Four, was is looming on the horizon-I predicted that Europe will be involved in some type of war by the end of the year. One can sense the unrest, and see the fact that even the terrorists are being used by larger forces. Anarchy will be the end result of this new war.

Five, people who are evil assume other people are evil and, therefore, cannot be open to the Gospel. There is no good news.

I could write more points, such as those regarding the divisions in the Church, even among trads.

Enough for now. Something big will happen in 2015.