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Friday, 16 January 2015

No Culture of Trust

We no longer living in a culture of trust. We live now in a culture of bureaucracy and man-made laws.

The lack of a moral framework, the lack of a shared Christian mind-set based on the Ten Commandments and the love of the Trinity is a void which has been filled up by paranoia and suspicion. Satan is a person who likes to divide and conquer and he has succeeded in destroying the links of relationship between Europe and America. It is as if the children and grandchildren of Europe have been orphaned by the breaking of the bonds of Catholicism.

Evil thinks evil of others. Goodness thinks goodness of others. A person who is a Christian can trust another person who puts God first and not idols first. Idolatry of legalism is not a new problem, but people are chasing after a false sense of security by supporting laws which actually undermine personal rights and freedoms.

Think about these points with regard to America. We are being separated from our roots and then our identity will be not only destroyed, but remolded into something monstrous--insanity, which happens when people forget they have souls.

We are headed very quickly for a world which will try and destroy the souls of each individual.