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Friday, 16 January 2015

Ireland in 2015

I am in Dublin for two weeks and then I am returning to America. A priest and a cabbie told me yesterday that they are convinced Europe is already under one world government de facto, if not de jure. Cabbies in Ireland are so cool. They are like mini-political experts and a joy to listen to regarding world events.

We talked about how most older people are "asleep" about what is really happening and that some people are in denial, although they see clearly what is going on. They want to pretend that life will go on just the same.

Most people are either refusing to face the loss of their state sovereignty or are in out and out denial.

Many people cannot see the gross manipulation of the media, even after the events in France last week. It is hard to find true reporting. The anti-Semitism, talked about truthfully in France for days on the television, apparently was not here or in England.

The priest and I talked about the events in France, and he noted that the cartoonists were hateful towards all religions. Being French and truly Catholic, he had followed critically the far left ideals of those who died, and noted that at least one published cartoon pornography. In fact, according to this French priest, the day of the shootings, the cover was to be a blasphemy against Our Lady, Mary. I shall not share the details.

The Pope's words yesterday on limits to freedom of speech must be considered, and respect for Truth is necessary. But, we do not need to treat all philosophies of life, or even "religions" the same, in my opinion. There is only one true religion and many man-made ones. Open discussion on these points must happen. Must. We cannot give up on Christ's command to evangelize all peoples. This is a command, not a suggestion.

We cannot cover up the Truth and we cannot refrain from open discussion about the Truth and other faith systems. We cannot stop talking rationally about real religion.

Sadly, some young people think that the Church is so corrupt that Holy Mother Church is behind one world government as well. This is a viewpoint I met in Ireland. How sad.

Where there are lies, lies proliferate.

And some Irish people tell me they do not want same-sex marriage but it will be pushed through. They tell me that they do not want many things which have been pushed through this government.

Americans, does this sound familiar? Are you waking up?

I am concerned about the young people who have no real Faith and yet understand the signs of the times. They, too, are influenced by false teachers of all sorts, as these good young people lack true Faith.

Pray for the Millennials here. Too many see what is going on but lack the means to cope either because they have never been Catholics, or because they have fallen away.